Friday, October 24, 2008

The sixth letter

Vav is a hook. See this post for a description of the form of the letter and its role as a hook in the tabernacle. In Exodus 27:11 we have the instruction for the building of the tabernacle including the silver hooks of the pillars.

וָוֵי הָעַמֻּדִים וַחֲשֻׁקֵיהֶם, כָּסֶף [vavei ha'amudim vahasheqeihem kaseph] The hooks of the pillars and their attachments of silver.

חשק is a verb meaning to love, be attached to, long for, or be joined. As in English, 'attachment' can be literal - a hook to a pole, or figurative.

We have met several vavs in our existing vocabulary and verses.


Bob MacDonald said...

Diana mentioned to me to remember the emotional expression - getting hooked! This connects the meaning of vav with the meaning of the fillet (for which I search for a definition).

Bob MacDonald said...

Fillet - rings clasping a pillar of the tabernacle or silver rods between the pillars. My offline Hebrew Latin concordance gives: delectare, placere, concupiscere or in the piel conjugation, coniungere, and the noun as desiderium, deliciae, of the word itself: cincturae, fasciae. To do with fastenings, hence my use of attachment.