Tuesday, April 21, 2009

On toes - for meditation

and there was yet a battle in Gath
and there was a man of great size
and the fingers of his hand and the toes of his foot were six and six
twenty and four in number
and even this one was born to the giant
(2 Samuel 21:20)

Strengthen drooping hands and tottering knees secure
(Isaiah 35:3)

then will be opened the eyes of the blind
and the ears of the deaf will be unblocked
(Isaiah 35:5)
note the assonance in the Hebrew

- so many to choose from, 78 uses in the psalms alone

my mouth will speak of wisdom and the musing of my heart of discernment (Psalm 49)

nose - and wrath (Psalm 115)
ears to them and they do not hear;
nose to them and they do not smell


Anonymous said...

Bob I can't read the words on my apple.

Bob MacDonald said...

Thank you anonymous - I have seen the difficulty with Apple and Hebrew with vowel points and I will try and find the instructions for fixing it.