Sunday, March 15, 2009

Just right - and more than expected

Before I even moved into the circle today one youngster said to me - 'I remember last week's word'. And he did - how delighted I was, because I had prepared the blocks to show them last week's word and two more words that can be made out of the letters with one substitution and have them spell two of the other animals in the Hogwarts menagerie.

Here they are:
  • badger (or seal or dolphin or whatever this animal is): תחש, tachash
  • serpent (as in Genesis 3:1): נחש, nachash
  • and lion - the fierce one from last week: שחל, shachal
There were just 4 in the class today and one of them, about 8 years old, really enjoyed laying out the blocks and organizing them in the right order to spell each word. Much more to be said.

The blocks have lasted well - almost a year since I made them with blocks from the dollar store and some mac-tac using this image.

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