Friday, February 6, 2009

Preparing the Mashal

Parable, riddle, dark saying and our search. Here is a diagram for riddle.

I have collected and shaped the parable material for Matthew 13:33: a bit of felt, a picture or two wrapped in tape, a criticism or two suppressed, and a potential for life from a riddle.

I have a picture by Vermeer for the woman and she stands. I have three images representing three measures of meal. I have a square of tan felt which I have cut in two – one flat and one round. The round folded in half hides under the flat. I made a small golden tetrahedron for the leaven, like a morsel of sourdough. The action could begin like this:
After opening the box, take out the woman –
then take out the little box with what she has to work with
– 3 measures of meal and the leaven –
then show what she does to make the dough by mixing them all together:
  1. place the flat felt piece hiding its fullness over the three measures and the tetrahedron to hide the yeast
  2. then leave time to rise
  3. then make the lump rise by pulling the larger piece of felt above the flat piece
I am going to need to practice.

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Bob MacDonald said...

The kingdom of ___ is like leaven - both Matthew and Luke agree that it is the leaven that the kingdom is like - not the action not the dough but the leaven which the woman hid. I wonder why she hid it.