Friday, November 9, 2012

Book Announcement

(Cross-posted from Dust) It was the Sunday School teaching that helped me learn Hebrew - nothing like teaching to learn...

Friends, a most exciting day. My catalog page is now available up at Energion Publishing.

Seeing the Psalter
Release date Jan 18, 2013
Click to order
525 pages and ready to be read,

ready to stimulate the questioning mind about language, poetry, drama, coherence, story, translation, and life in this part of the conversation we have with ancient authors, musicians, poets, and cultures,

Bob at home, picture taken by Diana
Tapestry by Wm Morris
The Tree of Life
and ready to support a reading of the psalms that opens up possibilities for transformation.

If you look under authors, you will find me too.

Please take a look - and you can order the book. There's a 30% discount for orders placed in November via Energion Direct - and free shipping for Canada and the US. With a release date of January 2013, it could even be a late Christmas present for someone.

I am really excited about this.

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