Saturday, July 23, 2011

Psalm 34 in Hebrew planned for tomorrow

Last week we had a full class and 50 solid minutes of Hebrew. At the end of the class, every child and young adult was able to write his or her own name using Hebrew letters.  After our opening prayer, we sat around the table and worked through the first three exercises in my 22 page Hebrew workbook. I had 7 copies printed and they all got used - one being given away during coffee.  The workbook is full of exercises and little tidbits of strange sounds that seemed to capture everyone's attention for the whole class - from age 6 to 15 + two adults.

I hope to build on it tomorrow. I have two extra workbooks printed in case someone new shows up.  But it's summer, so who knows.  The psalm 34 text that I will use is available here.  We will use it for 'teaching' - the first letters of verses 2, 12, and 23 spell aleph. אֲבָרְכָה לְכוּ פֹּדֶה  I will bless, walk, ransom. So perhaps it was written for teaching.

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