Friday, April 16, 2010

Ten choices from the Gospel of Mark

Here are 10 of the sections of Mark - a set of suggestions. Each student will prepare one for one selected week. (Note you can see all the parallel passages for the section in the other gospels by finding your chosen section on this post).

Ten choices in the Gospel of Mark
  1. Healing the deaf mute, Mark 7:31
  2. Preparation for ministry, Mark 1:1 – 1:13
  3. Calling disciples, Mark 1:16
  4. Jesus and Family, Mark 3:19
  5. Herod’s opinion and the death of John, Mark 6:14
  6. Walking Trees, Mark 8.22
  7. Peter’s confession and the transfiguration, Mark 8:27
  8. The Rich Young Man, Mark 10:17
  9. The fig tree, Mark 11:11
  10. The Son of David, Mark 12:28, 12:35

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