Sunday, December 13, 2009

Star Sunday

It was a full afternoon today. My wife and I staffed the candle-decorating stand. A complex of children aged 1 to 14 decorated candles - at least 50! So there were a lot of people there - maybe as many as 70. Chaotic at times. The Sanctuary was in the church where there was a pot of bees wax boiling and each child was to take a wick and dip it, then walk the stations of the nativity and ring the bell, then return for another dip, circling till the new candle was fat enough to use.

Flute in the church, and carols by two violinists and a piano in the hall where the other stations were. Lovely music. There were stations for woodwork, making decorations, needlework, making chocolate, paper stars, oranges and cloves and golden walnuts, and present wrapping.

It has been quiet on this blog since the Sunday school have been preparing for pageant so I have not done any lessons for a few weeks.

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